Bukomansimbi: Incumbent Kayemba Solo faces tough NRM, Opposition scrutiny

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Bukomansimbi: Incumbent Kayemba Solo faces tough NRM, Opposition scrutiny
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The political landscape in Bukomansimbi South is heating up as at least four opposition candidates and NRM and Patriotic League of Uganda’s Bashir Semakula prepare to challenge the incumbent Godfrey Kayemba Solo.

The contenders are busy engaging in community activities and participating in local events to lay their groundwork.

In addition to NRM’s Semakula, notable opposition candidates include Arthur Mubiru Cherry from the National Unity Platform (NUP), former area legislator Deogratius Kiyingi (DP), Ms Eva Birimukatonda (NUP), and Maurice Kagimu Kiwanuka (NRM-leaning).

According to analysts, Semakula is considered a strong candidate due to his affiliation with the Patriotic League of Uganda and the ruling NRM party.

His mobilisation skills and performance in the 2021 elections, where he placed third out of nine candidates, also bolster his candidacy.

Semakula is a businessman and the Executive Director of Bash Foundation, a community-based organisation supporting the needy in Bukomansimbi.

Kagimu, an ex-MP of Bukomansimbi constituency, also stands as a formidable opponent. His deep understanding of the district's geopolitics and his previous electoral performance, where he garnered 4,072 votes, place him as a strong contender.

Kagimu’s political resume includes serving as the Minister of State for Economic Monitoring and as Uganda's ambassador to Switzerland.

"My experience and deep understanding of Bukomansimbi's needs will guide my efforts to bring meaningful development to our constituency," he said.

Mubiru, a member of the National Unity Platform, has gained significant ground.

Lawrence Mukasa, a political analyst in Bukomansimbi, said Mubiru was enjoying increasing popularity due to his active support for the NUP and his connections within the party.

"The young man has laid a strong foundation for himself," Mukasa says. "His ties with the Catholic Church as the Masaka Diocesan Youth Leader also favour him."

But Semakula and Kagimu are also strong candidates you can’t underrate."

Mubiru said: "I am committed to supporting my community and ensuring their voices are heard in Parliament."

Kiyingi, the former area MP, is being urged by some constituents to run again due to his past achievements.

However, his political standing has been affected by his wife, Nakiwala Kiyingi's, switch from the Democratic Party to the NRM.

"When Nakiwala crossed to NRM, Kiyingi lost popularity among the opposition," Mukasa explains. "This likely contributed to his fourth-place finish in the last election."

The incumbent, Kayemba Solo, who won the last election with 9,200 votes, has faced criticism for his performance in the constituency.

Despite scoring 135th out of over 500 legislators and 27th in the central region for his parliamentary performance, many constituents remain unconvinced.

“Kayemba’s performance hasn’t exceeded Kiyingi’s scorecard both in the constituency and in Parliament,” Mukasa notes.

Election dynamics

The previous election results underscore the competitive nature of the Bukomansimbi South race: Kayemba Solo (NUP) got 9,200 votes, Kagimu (Independent) 4,072 votes, Semakula (NRM) 3,787 votes, Kiyingi (DP) 2,955 votes, among others.

The upcoming election promises to be equally contested, reflecting Bukomansimbi's diverse political allegiance to both the ruling party and the opposition.

Anonymous trader, constituency resident from Kibinge Subcounty Jamiru Mubiru, said, "We need a leader who truly understands our challenges and can advocate for our interests effectively."

But the race for Bukomansimbi South is shaping up to be a closely watched contest, with each candidate bringing their unique strengths and strategies to win over the electorate.

As of now, Bukomansimbi electorates have geared up for the coming 2026 general elections as everyone is watching to see those who were coming out to bargain for the MP race across the district.

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