Kaziimba makes impassioned plea for environmental conservation

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Kaziimba makes impassioned plea for environmental conservation
Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu


The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, The Most Rev Stephen Kaziimba has made an impassioned plea for environmental stewardship and climate action.

Kaziimba's rallying cry for individuals and institutions to heed the call to protect God's creation is adding weight to the climate change issues, especially in the wake of unprecedented weather changes.

Through collective effort and commitment, Kaziimba believes that humanity can restore the Earth's lost glory and combat the effects of climate change for future generations.

“We are in a climate crisis and we can all attest to this," Kaziimba, who was addressing the media at the Archbishop's Palace in Namirembe, said.

“Uganda is currently experiencing extreme heat and the same heat has led our neighbors in South Sudan to close schools. This cannot be taken lightly in any way because it’s not far from us," he added.

Under the theme, "Celebrating Environmental Stewardship Genesis 1:28-29," Kaziimba highlighted the biblical imperative for stewardship of God's creation, urging collaboration across sectors to confront the "triple planetary crisis" facing humanity.

“The levels of both water and air pollution and biodiversity loss are exceedingly alarming," he said.

"Therefore, no entity can act alone since nature has no borders, multi-sectoral cooperation and collaboration are crucial in taking action and fostering sustainable conservation and development in our country.”

Kampala on a hot day | Courtesy

Kaziimba said the alarming levels of pollution, biodiversity loss, and extreme weather patterns affecting not only Uganda but the entire planet.

He stressed the interconnectedness of environmental issues and the necessity for multi-sectoral cooperation to foster sustainable conservation and development.

"Climate Change and its effects are a threat to humanity and everything God has created," Kaziimba said.

"This is largely driven by human activities such as deforestation, poor waste management, disruption of swamps for settlement, and other human activities that have far-reaching effects on the ecosystems affecting our weather patterns, food security, and the livelihoods of millions of people.”

The Church of Uganda has organised a series of events to raise awareness and promote action on environmental conservation and climate change mitigation.

These initiatives include Environment Sundays, cleaning drives, webinars, and advocacy efforts aimed at integrating environmental conservation into pastoral programs and church operations.

On the Environment Sunday, last weekend *March 17, all the clergy delivered environmental conservation messages as sermons to the congregants.

Different cleaning drives and awareness sessions on climate change, adaptation, and mitigation are expected to take place in different areas of the Church of Uganda.

"We will also be having lunch hour fellowships on Online Church of Uganda focusing only on environmental conservation,” the Anglican church said.

Meanwhile, Kaziimba announced he will also hold a webinar for Church of Uganda leaders on climate change and environment conservation.

The Zoom symposium will be attended by bishops, diocesan secretaries, technical staff, key partners, and stakeholders to expound more on the role of the church in promoting climate action and environment conservation.

Plastic waste chokes the environment

Looking ahead, Kaziimba  outlined goals for the Church of Uganda, including the ambitious target of growing one million trees on church land and advocating for the implementation of existing environmental policies and regulations.

“The church is focused more than ever on coming together to reflect on our relationship with the environment and working on taking meaningful action towards its preservation," the archbishop said.

"It is time to rethink our commitment to stewardship, responsibility, and conservation of mother (planet) Earth, which sustains our livelihood.”

Acknowledging the importance of partnerships, Archbishop Kaziimba extended gratitude to organisations such as Kerk Inactie (Church in Action), Online Church of Uganda, and the Ministry of Water and Environment for their support in promoting environmental awareness and action.

He called for unity and action, urging people of all faiths to come together to protect and preserve the Earth.

“Regardless of our faiths, let us unite to protect and preserve the Earth which is our shared home, and combat the effects of climate change. I call upon you on board and we team up to restore the lost glory of God’s creation starting with our county, the Pearl of Africa.” Kaziimba said.

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