Bukomansimbi: A district shaped by history and aspirations

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Bukomansimbi: A district shaped by history and aspirations
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Nestled in central Uganda, Bukomansimbi district, is not just a geographical entity but a tapestry woven with history, aspirations, and contemporary challenges.

From its humble beginnings to its current socio-political landscape, the district encapsulates the dreams and struggles of its people.


Initially part of Masaka District, Bukomansimbi emerged as a separate administrative entity on July 1, 2010, with the vision of fostering local development and job creation.

Spearheaded by Nnalongo Catherine Tebulya, the district embarked on a journey to carve its own path, despite initial challenges and discrimination against women in leadership roles.

“They wanted to live us in Kalungu and we said no, we must also have our own district because by then Bukomansimbi was a subcounty in Masaka .We worked tirelessly with my colleague Idd Lubyaayi Kisiki and finally we won as Bukomansimbi became a district," Tebulya says.

"Our aim was to create job opportunities for Bukomansimbi residents and I am sure that was done because 90% of the  people working at the district headquarters are born of Bukomansimbi. I was the first district chairperson  and because during the time we were heading to the 2011 general elections, I faced a lot of discrimination as a woman when people said a woman could not lead them and later on I was defeated in the general elections.”

Political landscape

Since its inception, Bukomansimbi has been a battleground for political ideologies, with the Democratic Party (DP) initially dominating the scene.

DP took both parliamentary seats, as party icon Deogratious Kiyinji was the first Member of Parliament for Bukomansimbi and the late Susan Namaganda was the first woman representative .

JEEMA's  Hajji Muhammad Kateregga won the race as the LC5 chairperson, a position he held for 10 years until 2021.

However, the political landscape shifted in the 2016 elections when the district split into two constituencies, opening doors for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) to gain ground in Bukomansimbi North, but  still, DP won the Bukomansimbi South and women's representative.

The journey again changed in the just concluded elections as the new political party National Unit Platform won all the big positions in Bukomansimbi.

Challenges and triumphs

Hajji Muhammad Kateregga, the first elected district chairperson, reminisces about the district's progress over the past decade, from infrastructural developments to advancements in education and healthcare.

However, road to prosperity is not without obstacles as insufficient tax revenue and limited government funding remain pressing challenges, hindering the realization of ambitious projects.

"During my time as the district chairperson, I managed to get investors from the Korean government who helped  us in boosting especially the health sector and as of now when you look at our district facility , Butenga health center  IV  can be upgraded to a hospital because everything needed is there," Kateregga says.

Under the leadership of NUP’s Fred Nyenje Kayiira, Bukomansimbi grapples with budgetary constraints, particularly regarding the completion of essential infrastructure such as the district headquarters.

Despite efforts to prioritize roads, clean water, and healthcare, the district's resources fall short of meeting burgeoning demands.

As Bukomansimbi navigates the shifting tides of politics and economics, the resilience of its people shines through.

With a council of 24 dedicated members and a collective vision for progress, the district stands poised to overcome its challenges and usher in a new era of prosperity.

Bukomansimbi District's story is one of determination, resilience, and community spirit.

From its origins as a subcounty in Masaka district to its emergence as an independent entity, the district embodies the hopes and aspirations of its inhabitants.

As it grapples with contemporary challenges, Bukomansimbi remains a beacon of hope, steadfast in its pursuit of a brighter future.

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