Molly Katanga sent back to Luzira

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Molly Katanga sent back to Luzira
Molly Katanga is wheeled in court.

The High Court in Kampala presided over by Justice Isaac Muwata has denied bail to Molly Katanga, a prime suspect in the death of businessman Henry Katanga who succumbed to gunshot wounds last year in November.

Ms Katanga had applied for bail citing the need for medical attention, having obtained grave injuries on the scalp and head from an alleged domestic brawl the day her husband died.

Ms Katanga, who has undergone five surgeries and had her finger amputated, contends that her medical situation requires specific treatment, which is not available in Luzira prison where she has been held for the last two months.

Ms Katanga’s lawyers led by Peter Kabatsi and MacDusman Kabega also highlighted her status as a primary caregiver and the sole breadwinner for her family, underscoring her longstanding reputation as a law-abiding citizen.

The prosecution, headed by Chief State Attorney Samalie Wakooli, contested the bail application, raising concerns about the potential for interference with ongoing investigations and insisting the case was almost due for trial

However, while delivering his ruling, Justice Muwata decreed that he is yet to receive any communication from the Luzira prison medical department acknowledging their lack of capacity to handle Molly Katanga’s health shortcomings.

The judge therefore said that despite substantial sureties, he cannot grant bail to Molly Katanga because the law requires the medical exception to be given by Luzira Prison.

Initially, Molly through her lawyers had asked Luzira Prison for certification of her medical situation. However, the Prison Medical Facility instead transferred the responsibility to Mulago Hospital which complicated Molly Katanga’s situation as the Judge insisted that the the law requires the medical exception to be certified by the prison medical officers were the applicant ( Molly) is detained.

Molly Katanga was not physically present in court and followed her bail ruling on an audio-visual link at Luzira Women's Prison.

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