Museveni, Ruto back in deep bromance and here is what holds

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Museveni, Ruto back in deep bromance and here is what holds
President Ruto ushers Museveni into State House Nairobi

NEW TIES | President Museveni and his younger Kenyan counterpart William Ruto may have found their way into a warm corner together once again, after months of rubbing against each other violently and silently.

Before the Kenya presidential elections, the two principals had been labelled as the perfect example of father-son relationship and many maintained that Ruto’s sporadic rise to the Presidency is a mastermind of President Museveni.

Not far from the truth, a few moments before he became president, Ruto had journeyed to Uganda with his family and introduced them one at a time to president Museveni who he continuously refereed to as Mzee (my elder).

Immediately after he became President, he again made a quick visit to Uganda, that ended with a photo of him bowing before President Museveni with utmost respect, like a son would.

However a few years later things went west, with Kenya and Uganda in the boxing ring over poultry and diary products. The stint did not last long as the two leaders met later and resolved the matter, but the diary-milk issue remained lingering.

Musalia Mudavadi and Ruto eat from Museveni's ribald jokes

Milk and oil do not mix and indeed, when the issue of oil came up, the two countries were torn apart farther, with President Museveni accusing Kenya of overpricing their fuel through middlemen.

The chaos broke out deeper when the Ugandan crew dashed to the East African Court and filed suit accusing Kenya of all manner of foul play in the fuel issue, Kenya in reply refused to license UNOC as a sole party to draw fuel on Uganda’s account, it was now gloves off.

Museveni and Ruto allegedly started avoiding each other both home and away, each choosing cleverly what external engagements they would attend and which they would miss.

One specific one in January in Zanzibar where Ruto chose to send his able deputy Rigathi Gachagua. He was asked and he looked the other way before returning with a diplomatic answer; “Kenya has no problem with Uganda”.

To run the story short, recently the two principals whipped their sides into a meeting, one that is referred to as the JMC, the Joint Ministerial Committee meeting, led by Gen Jeje Odongo and Musalia Mudavadi on either side.

The outcome of the meeting was a staggering seven key MoUs on cooperation in almost every area that can come to anyone's mind. The climax of all these would be a meeting between Museveni and Ruto.

President Museveni in ages, has not visited a country in East Africa and stayed there more than a day, most recent was DRC in 2022 and he stayed only a night! Two nights in Kenya must have been some kind of sorcery.

Museveni arrived in Nairobi on Wednesday evening and was received warmly by Mudavadi before retreating to his residence and ready for a day full of activity with Ruto.

He arrived at State House Kenya the next day, channelled to a different direction as the House was still under renovations. Ruto held onto his visitor like the visit came with both relief and business at the same time.

The two walked into a room with Ruto holding the door open, he smiled at Museveni’s signature as he wrote in the visitors book and laughed uncontrollably at every word that came from his (Museveni’s) mouth.

Museveni was being courted, everyone was happy to see him except those who had come with him, possibly because it came at with a tedious process of making sure he is comfortable for a longer period.

Meanwhile, President Ruto was full of love for President Museveni, walking from one room into another like old school friends, they only fell short of holding hands because President Museveni stuck to holding his hat.

To cherry on top of this bromance cake can be conjectured in the final words both leaders decided to put out.

“You have taught us lessons, Mr President, on Udungu, you are an esteemed visionary, admired elder. Pragmatic stateman and a strategic leader whose wisdom is a source of strength and a gift to us,” Ruto said to Museveni.

“President Ruto has brought a lot of energy in the integration process, he is more active than myself on this agenda,” Museveni returned the favour. Or bromance. or both.

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