Changes on X: Your 'Likes' are now private

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Changes on X: Your 'Likes' are now private
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Are you an X user? Do you enjoy liking posts and pictures on X? Previously, anyone could see what you liked. But now, X has updated the settings for better privacy.

The changes are such that: firstly, a user can see who liked their posts. A user will also still be able to see posts they have liked but others cannot.

The number of Likes your content has garnered will still show and other metrics for your own posts under notifications. Users will also no longer see who liked someone else’s post. These changes mean very many things for different users.

These changes were made public on the X platform, formerly Twitter, by their engineering team on Wednesday.

X made this change to help keep your likes private and safe! The platform's CEO and owner Elon Musk further affirmed the changes after he retweeted the tweet made by the engineering team quoting, "Important Change: Your Likes Now Private!".

These changes highlight the platform's commitment to safeguarding user privacy, empowering users, and enabling self-expression.

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