Kunda & Friends epic homecoming launch ignites Kampala with unforgettable excitement

Kunda & Friends epic homecoming launch ignites Kampala with unforgettable excitement
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Kunda Kids, the award-winning children's Edtech and media company, triumphantly unveiled its revolutionary 3D animated series, "Kunda & Friends," in Kampala on Sunday, April 7th. The sold out event wasn't just a screening; it was an immersive experience for children and parents alike.

At the esteemed Century Cinema Arena Mall, families were treated to an unforgettable day filled with face painting, book readings, and free goodies, including popcorn. The atmosphere inside the cinema was electric, with dancers igniting the excitement. Children and parents alike couldn't resist joining in, dancing in the aisles.

Adding to the excitement, exclusive Kunda Kids merchandise such as books and t-shirts were available, allowing fans to take a piece of the magic home with them.

The premiere was not just a showcase of entertainment; it was a celebration of Ugandan creativity and excellence. Collaborating with Creatures Animation Studio, an all-Ugandan team, Kunda Kids demonstrated the exceptional talent within Uganda's creative sector while paying homage to co-founder Louisa Kiwana Olafuyi's Ugandan heritage.

"Kunda & Friends" goes beyond mere entertainment; it's a reflection of African diversity and unity. By providing a platform for representation and storytelling, the series aims to nurture a generation of global citizens who appreciate diversity and culture.

The premiere event was a vibrant celebration of African storytelling, creativity, and the universal values that unite us all. Through "Kunda & Friends," Kunda Kids reaffirms its commitment to transforming the landscape of African content for children while nurturing African talent in the creative industries.

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