MTN boosts vocational training for Masaka inmates

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MTN boosts vocational training for Masaka inmates
MTN's Martin Ssegawa signing off the dummy cheque

MTN Uganda, in partnership with the Masaka Rotary Club, has made a significant contribution to the rehabilitation and empowerment of inmates at Masaka Main Prison.

Through its Change Maker Programme, MTN has extended a helping hand to the incarcerated population by donating scholastic and vocational materials aimed at equipping them with essential skills for a brighter future.

The donation, worth Shs 20 million,  includes a wide array of vocational skilling equipment such as knitting machines, salon materials, welding tools, and more.

This generous gesture not only provides practical training opportunities but also instills a sense of hope and purpose among the inmates, enabling them to reintegrate into society as productive members.

Martin Ssegawa, representing Daniel Kiwalabye Male, the chief community officer of MTN Uganda in Greater Masaka, emphasised that this initiative is in line with MTN's ambitious 2025 strategy, which prioritizes initiatives that have a tangible impact on community development.

Some of the materials and equipment MTN donated to Masaka Prison

Ssegawa urged the inmates to seize the opportunity to learn valuable skills that will enable them to build a better future for themselves upon their release.

“At MTN Uganda, we believe that everyone deserves the benefits of a modern connected life. It is this conviction that is driving to equip Masaka Main Prison with state-of-the-art technical skilling equipment,” he said.

“Our goal is to ensure that inmates acquire the most valuable and marketable skills, enabling them to contribute positively to the country’s socio-economic development. Whether during their time in prison or upon their release, we aim to facilitate their seamless reintegration with their families and communities.”

Imelda Ayela, the deputy women warden, expressed gratitude for the generous donation from MTN and the Masaka Rotary Club, highlighting the significant impact it will have on the lives of the inmates.

She emphasised the importance of providing inmates with the necessary tools and resources to facilitate their rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

“We are so grateful for whatever you are doing and we pray that you continue in touch and doing good for this station and we are going to take on this project and we will not disappoint you," Ayela said.

"We shall carry it on and make sure when you come we have something to show that the project is moving on very well."

In addition to the material donations, MTN also made a financial contribution of Shs3.8 million to assist in paying teachers who will educate the prisoners.

This further demonstrates MTN's commitment to supporting education and skill development initiatives within the community.

He said MTN Uganda is proud to support Rotaract Club of Masaka at the time the company is striving to enhance sustainability and inclusiveness in the communities.

This support comes as research published by UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning in 2021 shows that inmates who participate in education and training programmes are not only less likely to return to prison but are also more likely to find employment on release and hence give them a renewed sense of purpose.

“The support of Rotaract Club of Masaka towards the launch of the technical training program in prison underscore the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving societal improvement and digital inclusion," he said.

Bernard Tumurema, president of the Masaka Rotary Club, lauded the support from MTN, noting that it will enable the Rotary Club to establish a comprehensive technical training program at Masaka Main Prison.

Tumurema emphasized the potential of such programs to reduce recidivism rates and address underlying social issues such as domestic violence.

Overall, MTN Uganda's partnership with the Masaka Rotary Club represents a shining example of corporate philanthropy in action.

By investing in vocational training and education for inmates, MTN is not only transforming individual lives but also contributing to the broader goal of building a more inclusive and prosperous society.

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