First Lady advocates for African-centric solutions through research collaboration

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First Lady advocates for African-centric solutions through research collaboration
Minister of State for Trade, Industry, and Cooperatives, David Bahati represented the First Lady

First Lady Janet Museveni has emphasised the significance of research and collaboration among universities in addressing Africa-specific challenges with African solutions, as a means of fostering academic excellence and standards.

These remarks were delivered at African Renewal University during a ceremony commemorating its attainment of a charter.

In a message conveyed by the Minister of State for Trade, Industry, and Cooperatives, David Bahati, the First Lady also urged universities across the country to enhance their visibility and reputation by nurturing young talent, promoting self-discipline, and fostering self-reliance among students.

"Be mindful of the company you keep and avoid compromising your well-being through substance abuse, immorality, and succumbing to worldly standards. You are in the world but not of the world," she said.

The First Lady underscored the importance of upholding the values instilled by parents, guardians, and lecturers.

She commended the University's commitment, vision, and dedication to providing transformative education to young minds.

"I congratulate all of you on this remarkable achievement. With the university charter now in place, I urge you not only to maintain these exceptional standards of higher education delivery but to surpass your expectations. As the Minister in charge of education and sports, I encourage you to elevate the university's profile with each passing year. We expect even greater accomplishments than what we see today," she said.

She expressed gratitude for their efforts in maintaining high standards of staffing, teaching, research output, and infrastructure development.

Looking ahead, the First Lady called on African Renewal University to uphold and exceed its exceptional standards of higher education delivery.

She extended her appreciation to the university's governing council, administrative and teaching staff, and all stakeholders who have supported the institution's journey.

The Chancellor of African Renewal University, Peter Kasirivu, noted that it had been a long journey of more than five years to attain the charter.

"We obtained a provisional license in 2013, but it required us to progress to the next level, which is obtaining a charter," he said.

He urged the government to educate higher institutions about the importance of acquiring a charter, highlighting it as the highest form of accreditation.

"This means that the degrees we confer here are internationally recognised. Our students can pursue their Masters and Ph.D. degrees at Makerere University and other institutions," he said.

He emphasised the institution's holistic approach, which not only prioritizes academic studies but also encompasses skills development and value-based leadership.

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