Focus on producing for export- graduates urged

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Focus on producing for export- graduates urged
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Over 12000 students have graduated and attained a certificate in different skills that include tailoring, bakery, plumbing, welding motor vehicle and motorcycle mechanics, electrical installation, cooks, among others.

The Presidential Advisory Committee on Exports and Industrial Development(PACEID) chairman Odrek Rwabwogo challenged the graduates that have acquired skills in manufacturing, processing and marketing to focus on the export market and embracing consortiums as a move to stir development sustainably.

“With  the skills you have acquired you need to be united and focus on one particular product or two and establish a standard for its international market and exportation,” Rwabwogo said.

He noted that unity and education are crucial components of a growing economy adding that  as PACEID and the Directorate of Industrial Training they are ready to support this.

“When you are united and organized, focused on a particular product, it becomes easier for us as PACEID to bring the certification entities and agencies like UNBS, URSB, URA, and UDB among others to support you,” Rwabwogo promised.

Patrick Byakatonda, the director  of industrial training noted that the attained certificate is globally recognized and as long as one is employed or in self-employment, they can ably be certified and assessed.

“As long as you have a job or you are self-employed say you are a baker, carpenter, welder, or poultry farmer, then you are qualified for certification and assessment and awarded certificate,” Byakatonda said.

According to Samuel Opio the Kole North Member of Parliament and a member of PACEID, “if local governments can consider giving some contracts to our skilled graduates but you find that the requirements make it hard for them to be awarded such contracts for example to work on desks in seed schools and other furniture."


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