Abim opens first community early childhood development centre

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Abim opens first community early childhood development centre
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On a significant day marked by celebration, Aojapiro Parish in Abim District witnessed the launch of its first Community Early Development Centre (ECD) with support from Share An Opportunity Uganda, an initiative aimed at bridging the educational gap for over 3,000 local children.

The launch event, attended by government officials, community leaders, and parents, unveiled the Aojapiro Community Nursery School, the district's pioneering facility dedicated solely to nursery education.

This momentous occasion was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the community, with each household contributing 50,000 shillings to purchase the land, supported by Share An Opportunity (SAO) Uganda and Help a Child.

National Director of Share An Opportunity Uganda, Benon Kyome, highlighted the urgency and significance of this initiative during his speech.

"Today marks a critical milestone in our commitment to ensuring that every child has access to quality education from an early age. This ECD center represents a beacon of hope for our children's future," said Kyome.

The parish, home to an estimated 3,360 children, had long struggled with inadequate educational facilities. With only one dilapidated primary school in the community and the nearest alternative located 8 kilometers away, the need for accessible and quality early education was pressing.

Janet Grace Akech Okori, Woman MP for Abim District, urged the community to protect and maintain the new facility.

"Education is the key to unlocking our children's potential. Let us invest in their future by ensuring they receive a quality education," she emphasized.

The newly established ECD center aims to address the high dropout rates observed in the district.

Currently, out of every 40 children who enroll in nursery, only about 15 transition to primary school due to inadequate teaching facilities and caregivers. This initiative seeks to provide a stable and conducive learning environment to improve these statistics.

Racheal Kigame, Country Director of Help A Child Africa, underscored the transformative power of education in her remarks.

"Education is the pathway to equality and opportunity. Regardless of their background, every child deserves access to quality education," Kigame stated.

As the community celebrates this new beginning, the leaders’ calls to action highlight the collective commitment to prioritizing education as a cornerstone of development in Abim District.

The launch of the Aojapiro Community Nursery School is a testament to what can be achieved through unity and a shared vision for the future.

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