Iganga institute asks Kyabazinga to remind Museveni of Shs1.8bn pledge

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Iganga institute asks Kyabazinga to remind Museveni of Shs1.8bn pledge
Kyabazinga Nadiope arrives to officiate at the graduation of the institute | Teven Kibumba

The Kyabazinga of Busoga William Nadiope has commended Lubega Institute of Nursing and Health Professionals for prioritising science education which has seen the institute’s vigorous growth through laying a foundation foro socio-economic transformation.

The Kyabazinga, who is also the institute’s chancellor, was on Friday presiding over the 4th graduation ceremony of the Iganga-based institute where he first commissioned a multibillion classroom blocked named after himself.

At least 530 June and December 2023 finalists graduated both with diplomas and certificates in various courses including nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, medical laboratory technology, clinical medicine and community health, records and information management and bakery.

“Every year we’re seeing a growing number of students and the existing infrastructure like the Gabula Block has been set up and now the institute can also confer diplomas," the Kyabazinga said.

"During the commissioning of the block, I learnt with interest that it will create an avenue for more professional courses with higher academic acquisition."

He said the Kyabazingaship values the relationship with the fast growing institute and commended the central government for emphasizing science education, adding that “the institute shall therefore be a cornerstone for establishment of a university in our region in the near future.”

Busoga Kingdom Prime Minister Joseph Muvawala challenged the graduates to be kind to patients by treating them based on their oaths, quoting their school’s anthem which emphasises that they were chosen by God to love and serve.

The Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Shaban Ramathan Mubaje, commended the institute executive director Muhamadi Lubega Kisambira for the great work and also stretching beyond by serving the Muslim fraternity as the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) chairman and the Kingdom as the first deputy premier.

“We thank Dr Lubega for the 20 annual scholarships to UMSC which are benefited by two students from each of the ten Muslims in the country. We also thank him for other scholarships offered through other institutions,” Mufti Mubaje said.

Kyabazinga Nadiope launches the new Gabula Block at the institute

The mufti urged the graduates to love and serve like their school’s anthem goes in part, challenging them to be committed to their works and refrain from abusing patients. He however urged Muslim leaders to encourage their people to embrace government programs like the Parish Development Model (PDM).

The function was attended by representatives from Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council (UNMC) led by their deputy registrar, Ms Aidha Nakaye - who led the nurses and midwives in taking oaths.

Other representatives were from Allied Health Professional Council, ministry of education, High technical and vocational, education and training, Allied Health Examinations Board and UNMEB.

Lubega asked the Kyabazinga to remind President Museveni of the Shs1.8 billion pledge he made in 2019 as support to the completion of the block which was then at a foundation stage.

“A few hours ago, you were launching our new Gabula Block which was started in 2029 with president Museveni laying the foundation stone. At that time he pledged to help us with Shs1.8 billion to put up that block,” he said.

“I want to report to your majesty that we have never gotten that grant but I thank Allah that we were able to complete it the way it is. When you meet him like I know you do your majesty, please remind him that a promise is a debt and we demand it even though the block is done."

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