Busoga buzzing as new deputy RDCs are appointed

Busoga buzzing as new deputy RDCs are appointed
Journalist Rogers Ntogona is now a deputy RDC

JINJA CITY | Luuka District was in a trance at the weekend as news that at least a dozen bona fide from this impoverished sugarcane corridor of Busoga sub-region had "eaten big" in the latest appointments of assistants to Resident District and City Commissioners.

While the Presidency has yet to release the list of the new appointees, Hajj Yunus Kakande, the secretary in the Office of the President, is understood to have signed off hundreds of letters and distributed them.

Among those who received their appointment letter is Humphrey Kakaire from Luuka. Popularly known 'Kamada Embuuzi', Mr Kakaire at the weekend refused the moniker, preferring to be called "honourable'.

"He refused to sleep from the time he received the April 17 letter. He kept muttering something that he might wake up to find it was a dream," a resident of Nabikuyu village in Luuka told the Nile Post on Saturday.

Kamada Embuzi, now Honourable, scoured the whole of Luuka at the weekend talking about 'elya-ntonde'. He was also seen reading up Google Maps for Lyantonde.

Hajj Kakande instructed that Mr Kakaire reports to the RDC for Lyantonde to receive further instructions and assignment for his new posting.

His appointment means the dusty Luuka township is deprived of a famed 'sky gazer' - which is how the Basoga those ends loosely refer to idlers.

Other sources intimated to this website that Kamada Embuzi was almost selling off his farm in Nawankompe but he had to be restrained by the elders.

"He said he is now someone known to the President and who will be in direct communication with the President so he doesn't need a hoe anymore but we had to pump some sense into him," a source said.

From Luuka's parent district of Iganga, a couple of men who had been spending the day counting trucks plying the highway and arguing over which tyre was Pirelli or Michelin are also over the moon, sources said.

However, while the identities of the Iganga truck admirers remain elusive - until at least Hajj Kakande releases the full list - sources say a one Bosco Nabonge has photocopied his appointment letter and was Saturday distributing it door-to-door so that the whole of Iganga knew he had fallen into things.

There is also one called Luwangula and another Michael and they are all threatening to drink water with their tear glands just to prove that they are no longer the Tom, Dick and Harry of Busoga.

Meanwhile, Rogers Ntogona, aka Umar, has apparently told Busoga One where he worked as a reporter that he will make sure Museveni holds a national address live from the station once he starts work.

He told his former employers to start counting down days and that if he didn't bring the President to Busoga One FM within six months, they should force him to row a paper boat on Lake Kyoga.

Ntogona announced his own appointment and, like the other reporter Malcolm Musiime who once said "thank you Malcolm for the wonderful reporting" while anchoring a segment of his own field report, Ntogona congratulated and thanked himself profusely.

"I want to take this opportunity to thank the appointing authority HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa for appointing me to serve this country as Assistant Resident District Commissioner (Assist. RDC) of Pallisa District," he said.

He also said that once he starts work, he will visit the President at his farm in Mpigi and return with a long-horned cow for each household in Busoga for poverty alleviation.

Assistant RDCs are just like the word suggests. They are not deputy RDCs as the clout might make it appear. That potentially means they could be brewing coffee for the RDCs.


The appointments cited here are real but the reporting is spiced up for a weekend flavour

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