CEO Summit roots for environmental protection

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CEO Summit roots for environmental protection
Bujawe Forest Reserve has been destroyed | Alan Mwesigwa

The CEO Summit Uganda and partners have called upon business leaders to embrace sustainable business practices in the wake of floods,drought and land slides as a way of mitigating dire effects of climate change.

Stephen Mukasa, the country team leader of CEO Summit, says they are embarking a journey to preserve the environment under the theme, "?Only one earth programme".

In the face of environmental challenges like floods in central business district areas of Kampala and landslides in eastern region, livelihoods have deeply been affected causing loss of businesses and lives.

It is against this backdrop that the CEO Summit Uganda and partners have embarked on preserving mother earth by advocating for sustainable initiatives that safeguard the environment.

Mr Mukasa said Only One Earth executive programme will disseminate the knowledge and essential tools required to make sustainable decisions and promote environmentally responsible practices.

"To fast-track this mission, we are launching the Only One Earth programme, an executive education initiative that provides invaluable knowledge and field-tested insights on the critical state of our environment, intended to empower organizations and individuals with the tools and strategies needed to effectively integrate sustainable practices into their businesses," Mukasa said.

Vehicle emissions, fuel oils, by-products of manufacturing and power generation, and fumes from chemical production are some of the primary sources of human-made air pollution.

Mr Frederick Kakooza, the chief financial officer of Quality Chemicals Industries, emphasized the need for companies to adopt to renewable solutions to cut carbon emissions.

"To cut carbon emissions as QCIL, we are looking at adopting renewable energy solutions and manage our wastes. But with the pressing environmental challenges, we need to enhance our collective efforts to make meaningful decisions and leverage resources to drive change," Kakooza noted.

The Only One Earth programme shall be implemented from 11th to 14th June 2024 to help businesses understand sustainability to shape a better future for industries.

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