FDC stresses membership renewal

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FDC stresses membership renewal
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The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has advised to its members on the importance of renewing their membership cards.

The party has clarified that only individuals with valid and up-to-date membership cards are recognized as legitimate party members.

This move aligns with the FDC constitution, which stipulates that membership is contingent upon the validity of the membership card.

In an effort to streamline and modernize its membership process, the FDC is aiming to establish an automated digital register.

This system is intended to facilitate easier tracking and management of membership statuses.

Despite this push towards digitalization, the party has reiterated that the acquisition of a new membership card is mandatory for renewal and continued recognition within the party.

The membership renewal campaign comes at a time when the FDC is experiencing internal divisions, split into two main factions: the Najjanankumbi faction and the Katonga faction.

These factions have emerged from accusations of what they termed as dirty money exchanging hands within the party, leading to a significant rift.

Robert Centenary, the Vice Chairperson of the FDC based at Najjanankumbi says the renewal drive is part of a broader strategy to solidify the party's base and attract new members.

"We are working tirelessly to fortify our grassroots support and expand our membership. This renewal process is crucial for our growth and unity," Centenary stated.

The Najjanankumbi faction, is keen on rejuvenating the party’s image and operational effectiveness. This initiative includes not only the renewal of memberships but also a concerted effort to recruit new supporters.

As the FDC navigates these internal challenges and strives for greater cohesion, the emphasis on membership renewal underscores the party’s commitment to maintaining a robust and engaged membership base.

The success of this initiative will likely play a critical role in shaping the FDC’s future trajectory and its ability to compete effectively in Uganda's political landscape.

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