DP lost value the moment its leader 'jumped into bed with Museveni'

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DP lost value the moment its leader 'jumped into bed with Museveni'
Norbert Mao entered an agreement with President Museveni's government

Senior political analyst Sabiiti Makara has told the Democratic Party (DP) that they are no longer a threat to the National Resistance Movement since they signed a working cooperation agreement with President Museveni.

DP is currently on a national mobilisation of party members and recently the party leadership was in Kabale to interact with their Kigezi sub-region supporters.

On July 20, 2022, DP president general Norbert Mao signed a cooperation agreement with President Museveni at State House, with Mao joining Cabinet as Justice minister.

After signing, President Museveni congratulated Mao upon agreeing to work on steering DP to work with NRM.

In reply Mao said the document signed was an indication that they are have managed to resolve the contradictions that they have been having.

Prof Makara said DP is no longer a threat to NRM coming into th 2026 general election adding that even in regions where it used to have strong support like Masaka has also been taken by NUP and NRM.

“You can only be a threat when you have your only head. DP took its head to NRM how can it a threat to NRM now, the president of DP sleeps in the same bed with NRM so how can it be a threat in the Kigezi or elsewhere?" Makara said.

"As far as am concerned, I think DP made a very big political blunder.”

Prof Makara said it’s important for DP to move across the country rallying its supporters to register.

He said the opposition parties are the backbone of democratisation process thus the more they consult their members and citizens that is the more they are able to inform about there national policies.

“The coming of DP to Kabale and moving across the country is a good thing because they reach out to their members; they should explain their policies, they should also show what they have that will make them succeed,” Prof Makara said.

The Democratic Party is on country wide consultation of registering members a head of 2026 general elections.

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