Museveni fears the corrupt, say Opposition

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Museveni fears the corrupt, say Opposition
Mathias Mpuuga and the commissioners are back in hot soup

President Museveni's remarks on corruption leaves sour taste in the mouth of the Opposition, who say the statement was a rude joke against a serious national matter.

They say the President fears the corrupt because they are holding the regime in power but pray that he desists from speaking about the matter

But with evidence on his desk yet continue to smile with the accused, will Museveni ever act?

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago is among those yet to recover from what he terms as a rude joke on a serious matter corruption, that was President Museveni's remarks at the State of the Nation Address.

"It’s like he was giving a speech and decided to pose and crack a joke and people even laughed that is how trivial they take this matter," Lukwago said.

Lukwago says all Museveni did was perform his statutory obligation, they ask if he can stop giving Ugandans false hope for he fears the corrupt.

"It’s a strong pillar on which his government lies on. If he tackles them his regime will fall," he said.

But NRM Secretary General Richard Twodong argues that corruption is not an NRM fight alone matter of fact even the opposition have allegedly become a problem.

Todwong puts the public court to task.

"Elections are coming weed out all corrupt political leaders MPs don’t vote for them don’t bring them back," he said.

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