NUP launches political institute to promote party ideology

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NUP launches political institute to promote party ideology
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The National Unity Platform (NUP) inaugurated its political institute on Monday with officials saying it is designed to promote the party's ideology among its members and the wider populace.

The institute’s opening graced by the party’s president, Robert Kyagulanyi, along with other prominent leaders from within and outside the party features both informal and formal educational sectors, catering to diverse groups within the community.

The launch began with a tour of the informal sector, which includes a digital class for boda boda riders, school dropouts, and individuals who have never attended formal education.

According to the party deputy spokesperson Alex Mufumbiro, in the formal sector, there are classes tailored for professionals and elites.

"It is focused on in-depth discussions and advanced political training," he said.

He said this will be championed by Mr Moses Kanaabi, the party's organising secretary.

"Additionally, there is a dedicated class for elected leaders under the NUP ticket. These leaders will undergo extensive training to instill and reinforce the core values and ideology of the National Unity Platform.”

Mufumbiro said the institute of leadership is a strategic move to build a strong ideological foundation within the party and ensure that all members, regardless of their educational background, are aligned with the NUP's principles and goals.

“This initiative aims to create a well-informed and cohesive membership base, capable of advancing the party’s mission and contributing effectively to national development,” he added.

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