For Najjuko, NUP leadership institute is golden umbrella

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For Najjuko, NUP leadership institute is golden umbrella
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The launch of the National Unity Platform's leadership institute is an addition of the already existing weekly trainings for their leaders.

Founded on a concept that began under the People Power movement then based in Kamwokya, the idealism sector has weathered quite some storm of its own.

After the raid of their offices and classes, they shifted to their headquarters in Makerere Kavule where the trainings have been taking place every Wednesday evenings to equip the new and old members with leadership skills which will help in competent leadership.

One of the beneficiaries and a member of NUP, Jidah Najjuko, says these trainings have really helped her dream of becoming a leader holding the NUP umbrella.

"I would like to thank the leadership of NUP who introduced these kinds of trainings because they have changed me and my career," Najjuko says.

"I have learnt alot from communication skills, public speaking, confidence, planning, mobilisation and many others."

University students have also been trained to become good student leaders.

The NUP leadership institute was officially opened on Monday, June 9.

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