Four out to oust Abed Bwanika from parliament

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Four out to oust Abed Bwanika from parliament
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The incumbent legislator for Kimanya kabonera Dr. Abed Bwanika’s Parliamentary seat is under threat as four powerful candidates join the race to unseat him.

Among the four candidates giving Bwanika sleepless nights is the young and popular Deputy Resident District Commissioner for Sembabule District, Faizo Seruwagi, along with lawyer, Jude Mbabali, Patrick Kuteesa, and Kkingo Coaches owner, Robert Asiimwe.

Faizo Seruwagi, a member of NRM/PLU, gained popularity back in 2006 as a young mobilizer.

He became the youth councilor for Kimaanya at Kimaanya-Kyabakuza Division and later at Masaka City.

He used the opportunity to mobilize the youth in Kimaanya to embrace government programs, promoting unity over divisive politics until Masaka was elevated to city status.

His instrumental role in mobilizing votes for the NRM party in all Masaka sub-region districts showcased his leadership prowess.

After the 2021 election, he received further assignments as the Deputy RDC in various districts, including Rakai, until his current position in Sembabule.

“I am coming up to act as a bridge between the business community, farmers, and the common people to the central government. I will visit all government ministries to lobby for opportunities for Masaka,”  Seruwagi said.

“I will formally seek guidance from my bosses in 2025. If granted an opportunity, I will contest; if denied, I will support any NRM flag bearer."

Patrick Kuteesa, a popular businessman who showed interest in unseating Abed Bwanika immediately after the 2021 elections is making a return in 2026.

Kuteesa mobilized youth through sports activities, notably the Kuteesa annual cup, attracting significant public attention.

Despite belonging to the National Unity Platform (NUP), it is uncertain if Kuteesa will be the party's flag bearer, as other NUP members have also shown interest in contesting for the same position. Kuteesa hails from Kisosso village in Kimaanya-Kabonera constituency.

Jude Mbabaali, a lawyer with Lukwago & Co. Advocates and M/s Mbabaali Jude & Co. Advocates, is another formidable candidate.

A member of the Democratic Party and former Masaka District LC5 chairperson, he contested the same Parliamentary seat but lost to Abed Bwanika, who benefited from the 2021 Kyagulanyi wave that swept Masaka City and neighboring districts.

Mbabaali recently joined the National Unity Platform, after ditching DP, which he once referred to as a party for his ancestors.

It remains to be seen whether Mbabaali will get the NUP flag  but he is likely to compete with Kuteesa in their party primaries.

Abed Bwanika, a veterinarian, politician, and pastor, is the president of the People's Development Party (PDP) and a member of the National Unity Platform.

His entry into NUP without resigning from his party presidency raises questions, as he is currently embroiled in disputes with his party bosses while defending his long-time friend Mpuuga, who is under fire for accepting a 500m service award.

He  is remembered for attending President Yoweri Museveni’s swearing-in ceremony at Kololo in 2016, despite being critical of Museveni’s regime.

Another candidate is Robert Asiimwe, the Kkingo Coaches owner and Director of Kkingo Parents Primary School Masaka, one of the best-performing schools in the region.

Asiimwe, who contested in 2021, garnered 5,864 votes and came second.

He is expected to contest in the NRM party primaries with other members seeking the party flag.

During the 2021 elections, the Kimaanya-Kabonera Parliamentary race featured seven candidates: Bwanika Abed (NUP) with 15,341 votes, Asiimwe Robert (NRM) with 5,864 votes, Kayemba Afaayo (FDC) with 1,743 votes, Jude Mbabaali (DP) with 688 votes, Ssimbwa John (Independent) with 501 votes, Lubyayi Hassane (Independent) with 360 votes, and Zikusooka Herbert (Independent) with 229 votes.

Kimaanya-Kabonera constituency is shaping up to be another hotspot for the 2026 polls

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