Ngabi Nsamba win this year's Airtel Bika football tourney

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Ngabi Nsamba win this year's Airtel Bika football tourney
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Ngabi Nsamba beat Mpindi clan  to win this year's Airtel Bika football tournament in finals played at Muteesa II memorial stadium in Wankulukuku on Saturday.

The Airtel-Bika tournament is a grassroots sports initiative aimed at bringing Buganda clans together for cultural and socio-economic purposes and has been a symbol of fostering a spirit of unity and community in the kingdom and the country as a whole.

During this year's finals, a lone early goal by Vianney Ssekajugo was enough for Ngabi Nsamba to lift the trophy.

Speaking during after the game,  Ali Balunywa, the Sales and Distribution Director at Airtel Uganda, expressed his delight and congratulated all the teams and players for showcasing great talent and resilience throughout the tournament.

"It is exciting to see such talent on display at this tournament. I congratulate the 2024 champions

Ngabi Nsamba Clan. The dedication, hard work, and resilience showcased by the Bika teams have

been truly humbling. Through the Airtel Bika tournament, we are glad to witness the growth of

sports like football and netball, which have a huge following among Ugandans. This, in turn,

creates a valuable pool of talent for our national teams to scout for representatives at both national

and international levels,"Balunywa noted.

“Airtel Uganda takes pride in such activities that not only promote togetherness among

people but also serve as a source of entertainment within communities. These platforms also give

the youth a reason to imagine, by providing opportunities to showcase their talents, which can

later make them successful sports figures in the country.”

While crowning the winners , Buganda Katikkiro, Charles Peter Mayiga congratulated them for the hard work.

He also expressed his appreciation to all the other participating clans for their support in boosting the kingdom's activities, which have nurtured great talent.

“The Airtel-Bika tournament not only provides a platform for young people to showcase their

talents but is a celebration of the different clans and the heritage of the Buganda Kingdom. It

serves as a unifying factor in the kingdom and surrounding areas, and I am happy to see the

tournament garner such strong support and a loyal following within the kingdom," Mayiga said.

"The tournament also plays a key role in social and economic development. People come together to rally behind their teams, both on and off the pitch, and engage in the various entrepreneurial opportunities it presents. I thank Airtel Uganda for being a valued partner and for their continued support, which is instrumental in helping us organize these important events.”

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