NCBA Bank launches 2024 Golf Series, marks World Environment Day

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NCBA Bank launches 2024 Golf Series, marks World Environment Day
Next Media Group chief executive Kin Kariisa and NCBA Mark Muyobo plant a tree

In an exciting collaboration with the Uganda Golf Club (UGC), NCBA Bank has unveiled the 2024 NCBA Golf Series, a thrilling initiative aimed at fostering the growth of golf and igniting a spirit of greatness within Uganda's golfing community.

The launch of the NCBA Golf Series, now in its fourth annual edition, promises an unparalleled experience, set to captivate enthusiasts and players alike.

With its expansion across golf clubs in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda, this series solidifies its status as the premier golfing event in East Africa, drawing top talent and enthusiasts from across the region.

Mark Muyobo, CEO of NCBA Bank, expressed his excitement about the series, emphasizing the bank's dedication to supporting greatness.

"Today, we celebrate greatness. Our commitment to golf mirrors our belief in greatness, inspiring all our endeavors, including assisting our customers in achieving their financial aspirations," he said.

"We strive to offer exceptional financial services that empower individuals to save, invest, and grow their wealth. We urge all participants to continue their pursuit of greatness as we embark on this exhilarating journey through the NCBA Golf Series."

The launch of the tournament coincided with NCBA's commemoration of World Environment Day, underscoring the bank's holistic approach to sustainability and responsible corporate citizenship.

Through its flagship sustainability framework, "Change the Story," NCBA is committed to minimising its environmental footprint while actively contributing to the restoration and preservation of Uganda's natural ecosystems.

As part of this commitment, NCBA Bank initiated a tree planting program, symbolizing its dedication to environmental stewardship.

Muyobo announced the planting of 200 trees at the Uganda Golf Course, aligning with the government's National Development Plan (NDP) III, which aims to restore 24 percent of Uganda's forest cover by 2040.

Speaking on the significance of sustainability, Muyobo reiterated NCBA's pledge to reduce direct emissions by over 50% by 2030 through a series of targeted initiatives and operational enhancements.

In a groundbreaking fusion of sports and finance, Kin Kariisa, CEO of Next Media, spearheaded a pioneering campaign to promote financial empowerment among Ugandan golfers.

"I urge golf enthusiasts nationwide to embark on a journey towards financial prosperity by opening accounts with NCBA Bank," Kariisa said.

NCBA Bank's reputation for innovation and customer-eccentricity makes it the ideal partner for this initiative.

With a comprehensive suite of banking products and services tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals and businesses, NCBA Bank provides golfers with convenient and flexible financial solutions to manage their finances effectively.

As Uganda embraces the convergence of sports and finance, Kariisa's advocacy for NCBA Bank represents a significant stride towards promoting financial inclusion and empowerment within the sporting fraternity.

Through collaborative partnerships and impactful initiatives, Kariisa and Next Media are empowering individuals to realize their full potential and achieve success both on and off the golf course.

In conclusion, the 2024 NCBA Golf Series stands as a testament to NCBA Bank's unwavering commitment to excellence and sustainability.

By harnessing the power of sports, finance, and environmental stewardship, NCBA is not only shaping the future of golf but also contributing to the broader social-economic development of Uganda.

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