FIFA slaps global bans on Ugandans implicated in match-fixing

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FIFA slaps global bans on Ugandans implicated in match-fixing
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The Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) has extended worldwide sanctions on Ugandan players and referees suspended by FUFA last year over involvement in match manipulation.

The development has been confirmed by the Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA).

“Each player was handed a five year ban while the referees on the other hand will serve a ten-year ban per person and has now been effected by FIFA for worldwide sanctions from all football activities,” FUFA stated.

The sanctioned players include; Saleh Maganda (formerly at Calvary FC), Franco Oringa (formerly at Northern Gateway), Godfrey Lwesibawa, Yahaya Mahad Kakooza and Andrew Waiswa (all formerly at Gadaffi FC), who have been handed a five year ban each by FIFA.

On the other hand, the sanctioned referees are George Nkurunziza and Deogracious Opio.

“The elevated sanctions have been communicated to the individuals by FIFA and FUFA and start with immediate effect,” FUFA said.

The development comes hours after FUFA announced it had banned provisionally ten referees, two football administrators and one player from all football-related activities for 90 days as investigations into potential participation in a multi-match fixing scheme based in South Africa.

FUFA, in a Thursday statement said the provisional bans had been communicated individually to each party and the world soccer governing body-FIFA.

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