Journalists tipped on digital security

Journalists tipped on digital security
Antonio Kisembo training young journalists of cyber protection

By David Ijjo

The Media Challenge Initiative (MCI) partnered with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to provide essential training on digital safety.

The initiative aimed to equip young journalists and communication professionals with the necessary skills to navigate the intricate digital landscape while safeguarding their online presence.

Lead trainer, Mr. Antonio Kisembo, emphasized the critical importance of digital skills in today's media industry, highlighting the need for journalists to protect their sources, data, and personal information from online threats.

“Digital skills are crucial for young people in the media industry, as they need to be able to protect their sources, data, and personal information from online threats, "stated Kisembo

"In today's digital world, journalists are increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks and threats. It is essential for young journalists to understand the risks and how to mitigate them in order to protect themselves and their work."

Participants of the training gained valuable insights into securing their devices, encrypting communications, and identifying potential threats to maintain a secure digital environment, as shared by one of the attendees Mr. Andrew Onen.

“It was a great training. We learnt a lot about safeguarding ourselves from online hacking and general digital security measures. We are well equipped to train people in the digital security field, " echoed Onen.

The urgency for such training is singled out by the alarming statistics revealed in the Uganda Police Force's annual crime report for 2022 which unveiled a staggering 286 cases of cybercrimes, resulting in the loss of Shs19.2 billion.

Despite these figures, only a fraction of cases made it to court, with the majority still under inquiry.

With cyber threats are on the rise and the financial toll mounting, initiatives like the one conducted by UNESCO and MCI play a vital role in empowering the next generation of journalists to navigate the digital realm safely and securely.

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