Self-love is the basis of safe motherhood

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Self-love is the basis of safe motherhood
A mother with her daughter.


By Dr. Henry Luyimbazi

American actress Jessica Lange once said, “The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness.” She was spot on, because very many mothers both young and old have their worlds end and begin with their children. But does it really mean that as a mother your life has to seize to exist?

World Health Organisation (WHO) describes safe motherhood as the means of ensuring that mothers are able to receive the right care they need and deserve so as to be safe and healthy throughout their journey of pregnancy and childbirth. This initiative I believe enables the mother to the best version of herself that she can be which in the long run can guide and aid her to a better mother.

In a recent study conducted by the online journal BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, it was noted that over 27% of the mothers in Uganda get into depression just after birth and this is just one of the many issues that women tend to face if neglected and not taken care of.

We believe that with sensitization around this to the village that surrounds the mother, there can be embracing of cultures in self-love because we all know that in order to spread out love, it has to begin with us individually.

In this venture, we can always start out small by eating healthy, trying to carry a few exercises that wont strain you and your child. Then you can move into going for regular check-ups with the OB-gyn that help you know and monitor the health of both you and the unborn child.

The village around you as well plays a significant role in keeping a suitable environment around you that will nurture you with a peaceful pregnancy.

This journey does not end here because even after giving birth, the mother’s health has to be monitored to ensure that everything is well. This is the duty of your physician because they have to know what to look out for and how to prevent what may not be right.

The way you take care of yourself as a mother will impact greatly on how you bring up your child right from that time when you carry them the first time.

It is not a sin to ask for help because then you will have a peace of mind, enough rest and time for yourself as a person. Your peace of mind can build so much power in terms of how you drive your life and make decision on a daily basis.

All these steps are really important because with safe motherhood, the rate of maternal mortality can be hugely reduced and the quality of care is improved. Remember the way you love yourself will greatly impact a lot in the development of your child.

Dr. Henry Luyimbazi  is an obstetrics and gynaecology C-Care Uganda. 

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