Boy Child asks: Must every organisation, govt programme favour the Girl Child?

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Boy Child asks: Must every organisation, govt programme favour the Girl Child?
Mr Jowet Matsiko

Mr Jowet Matsiko

OPINION - JOWET MATSIKO | I am sure this has been in many people's minds - there has been no clear advocacy for the Boy Child in this feminine era.

According to reports, global competition for opportunities in most sectors, and enterprises, the Girl Child has been highly favoured.

International organisations have been promoting Girl Child education, welfare, opportunities for jobs yet they have forgotten this could probably produce more irresponsible and broke men in future if not well handled.

It is well noticed that feminism has ruined the world as more paying jobs are given to women selectively, hence putting men at risk of unemployment.

This has resulted into the inability to support and care for their family basic needs like rent, food, utilities and education.

International organisations like the United Nations, Global Fund for Women and more have been working tirelessly to promote the Girl Child, leaving the Boy Child to fend for himself.

This could be one of the reasons most boys grow even up to 30 years but can't afford survival, hence camping in their parents' homes and failing to marry.

On this matter, it is unwise to wash one leg and think you won't dirty your clean shoes. Before nature goes astray, there is need to rescue the Boy Child from the ditch and bring them back to the table and train them how to be real men, responsible husbands and fathers.

I am not in support of mistreatment and unequal opportunities in favour of women, also undermining their great contributions to our societies.

I respect and strongly recognise women efforts in development across the world, more especially in Uganda - may God bless you lovely mothers.

Let's all raise concerns and bring back the boy equal to girl child. This way, we shall have harmonised communities and be prepared for happy families.

I call upon the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development to intervene as soon as possible because this matter is very important. Parents, organisations and other stakeholders should take part in this revival call.

Every community needs a brilliant man, every woman needs a caring and supportive husband. Therefore as you hike the Girl Child, do it to the Boy Child, too.


Mr Jowet Matsiko is a strong supporter of PLU and a political analyst

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