No political party can wrestle down NRM - former Opposition MP Kasozi

No political party can wrestle down NRM - former Opposition MP Kasozi
Kasozi (inset) says Besigye (left) and Bobi Wine have no chance

KAMPALA | Former Makindye East legislator Ibrahim Kasozi has said it is impossible for any opposition political party to democratically take power from the current regime.

He made the remarks during an interview with NBS Television.

“The way we are today as opposition, there is no single opposition party which can be able to wrestle this system down," Kasozi said.

"Impossible! That’s just a mere talking to excite people because winning and taking power are totally different things.”

He believes that whereas there can be a possibility of the opposition winning a presidential election, the current system would not allow the transition of power from the incumbent regime to the former.

“After winning, there is a lot of background campaign to convince these people; either the army commander, the army or the security organisations to change their decision and think for the country,” he said.

Citing infights within Ugandan political parties, Kasozi said the opposition still has a long way to go to penetrate the system and convince the people within to transfer power to it.

“We can only achieve that when we have we are working as a team so that those people in there see us a hope. If we fail that, we can keep exciting Ugandans when those in opposition keep getting what to survive on but nothing will change,” the former legislator said.

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