Masaka Recreation Stadium reconstruction commences

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Masaka Recreation Stadium reconstruction commences
The launch of the reconstruction activities.

In a monumental move for sports development, the reconstruction of Masaka Recreation Ground Stadium, fondly known as Liiku by locals in Masaka, has been officially launched.

This project, costing over shs20 billion, marks a significant step towards revitalizing one of the oldest sports landmarks in greater Masaka.

Masaka Recreation Ground Stadium holds a rich history, dating back to its inauguration in 1956 by Andrew Cohen, the British Governor of the colony.

Over the years, it has stood as a pillar of the sports industry in greater Masaka, hosting countless memorable matches and events. However, neglect and disrepair have plagued the stadium, prompting repeated calls from the Masaka community for its restoration.

The government's response came in 2022, with an allocation of shs18.42 billion for the stadium's repair.

Despite the funds, progress faltered, leading to disappointment among the locals. But today marks a turning point, as the construction of the stadium is officially inaugurated

According to the contractor, Kalera Construction, the initial funds will focus on the surface area and the construction of the eastern and western pavilions.

Eng. Denis Mulindwa , the technical director of Kalera Construction Limited, highlighted that the stadium will not only feature a football playground but will also house facilities for volleyball, swimming, and tennis.

"This sports facility will cater to a wide range of activities, offering a platform for everyone to shine in sports," Eng. Mulindwa said.

Masaka Catholic Diocesan Bishop Serverus Jumba emphasized the importance of developing surrounding stadiums to fully benefit Masaka Recreation Ground.

"While this is a significant step, other local stadiums must also be upgraded to nurture local talents that will feed into Masaka Recreation Ground," Bishop Jumba stated.

Masaka City Mayor Florence Namayanja attributed delays in construction to procurement processes but expressed optimism about the stadium's transformative impact.

"Our hope rests on this stadium; we believe it will change the face of Masaka city and the entire region," Namayanja asserted.

Leadership in Masaka unanimously agreed that the stadium's benefits extend beyond sports, emphasizing its potential to boost tourism.

With plans to equip the stadium with swimming pools and other recreational facilities, it is poised to become a multifunctional hub for both athletes and visitors alike.

However, despite the excitement surrounding the reconstruction, some remain sceptical about the outcome.

Sportsmen and individuals in Masaka express concerns about the efficient use of the substantial funds allocated to the project.

Nonetheless, with the commitment of both the government and the local community, there is hope that the newly reconstructed Masaka Recreation Ground Stadium will serve as a beacon of sporting excellence and contribute to the socio-economic development of greater Masaka

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