Infinix adds technology to Cheptegei's push for education in Kapchorwa

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Infinix adds technology to Cheptegei's push for education in Kapchorwa
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MBALE | Global smartphone giants Infinix have joined triple 10000m world champion Joshua Cheptegei in the athletes commitment to transform the lives of children in his native Kapchorwa.

The partnership will see Infinix working closely with Cheptegei and his team to deliver technology and new accessories such as laptops, smartwatches, power banks to the Joshua Cheptegei Junior School, according to Isabel Ainembabazi, marketing and communications manager at Infinix-Uganda.

The school runs a community multipurpose hall and library, fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth.

The library at Cheptegei's school is open to the Kapchorwa community, who will be expected to benefit from Infinix's technology.

"We have come up to partner with Joshua Cheptegei, the man that has broken all sorts of records," Ms Ainembabazi said as Infinix launched launched a ground-breaking Note 40 Series smartphone in Mbale City on Wednesday.

The new Note40+ Pro is unparalleled in speed and innovation, with the smartphone giants calling it "a cutting-edge smartphone that is poised to redefine user expectations".

A standout feature of the new Note40+ Pro is its charging capability, boasting the ability to charge from 1 percent to 50 percent in just eight minutes - which ensures users stay connected and powered up, even in the busiest of schedules.

"His persistence in speed matches up with what the Note 40 Series can do in terms of charging. We know that time is of essence and before your morning coffee is ready, your phone is giving you a 50 percent charge," Ainembabazi explained.

"Joshua is all about speed. Looking at the Note 40 Series, we are going to push the charging speed versus Joshua's speed to run on the track."

Reigning 5000m and 10000m world record holder Cheptegei is preparing for the Paris 2024 Games that start July 26 and he says he owes much of his feats in partnerships he has had over the years.

"For me as an athlete, time is of an essence. The hard training, hard drills, but I would just need a phone that would resonate with my experience," said Cheptegei, who is targeting the 10000m gold in Paris on August 2.

"Here comes an opportunity with Infinix that is almost as fast as I am over the two-mile. This is helping us to break barriers because training these days, you have to use your phone to check with training, your coach, and your nutritionists," he added.

Through his Joshua Cheptegei Foundation, the athlete projects in Kapchorwa and Sebei region cover education with the school, talent identification and tackle climate change through cleaner energy programmes with TotalEnergies.

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